A Show is a collection of files you share with your clients, colleagues, friends or anyone else. Select all the files of any format you want to Share, and upload them on to Show On The Cloud. Sort the files by dragging and dropping them. You can add categories at multiple levels and arrange your files accordingly. Select all the files you want to share and add them to your Show. Select who you want to share the Show with. A pop up e-mail window appears with the URL to the show, where you can add a personalized message and send. Now is that easy or what.


Upload files of any format onto Show On The Cloud! This is the single point of convergence for all your files and your online portfolio, so feel free to include pictures, videos, animations and any other kind of files you like! Show On The Cloud hosts all of your files and data securely on Amazon EC2 & S3. We also do regular backups of all your data.


Share your Shows and files seamlessly with as many people as you like. Create different groups of contacts such as work, family, club, gold and share your files all at once with each member of the group.


One of the many beautiful things about Show On The Cloud is the ability to Collaborate. Share all your files and Shows through cool custom branded Messages within Show On The Cloud using our integrated Email software. Instantly connect with your customers or team to provide feedback on a Show you just saw, or keep them updated on the progress of your project.


Reports help you to build relationships with your customers. Through metrics and analytics, you can find out if your customer opened your show, when they opened it, what they clicked in the show and whether they spent more time or less time on a particular part of the show. This way you can understand if something catches their interest and focus on what they like, thus building a relationship!